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VIP Coaching Day

Elevate your Product Ownership skills with our exclusive VIP 1-on-1 coaching service. Dive deep into The Product Process, tailor-made to address your unique challenges and find effective solutions. During this personalized day, we'll not only focus on honing your expertise but also guide you in seamlessly implementing The Product Process into your daily work environment.


What can you expect?

1-1 Focus

Elaborate and prioritise on YOUR current challenges. No generic training, but applied to your unique situation.

Deep Dive

Deep dive into The Product Process. A personalised, in-depth training and exploration of the key elements and strategies in The Product Process.

Fully grasp your role as a Product Owner and comprehensively understand the gaps in your own process and knowledge.

Practical Implementation

The Product Process is grounded in theory, but practical implementation in YOUR context is needed to make it useful. We'll discuss several possible implementations and choose the one that's right for you.

Personalised Action Plan

We'll develop a personalised action plan based on your goals and the day's insights. This  helps you in moving forward and applying the learnings in practice.

How does a typical VIP day look like?

A VIP day is always tailored to your specific needs, but as a general guideline, this is what it looks like:

  1. Welcome and Introduction

    • Get to know each other

  2. Understanding Your Current Challenges

    • Defining the goals of the day​

  3. Deep Dive into The Product Process​

    • Tailored training in The Product Process​

  4. Practical Implementation​

    • ​Explore how "the product process" can be incorporated into your daily work environment.

    • Identify practical steps and actions for real-world application.

    • Discuss customized solutions for your challenges.

  5. Personalised Action Plan

    • ​Set milestones and objectives for ongoing progress.

  6. Wrap-Up and Closing

    • Summarize key takeaways from the day.

    • Discuss next steps and any additional support.

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