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Pieter Hens

Hi, I'm Pieter


Have you been in this situation too?

Everything was set for a successful project. A dream team of developers. A vision. A clear list of requirements. A battle-tested Agile process. The project had all the ingredients. And so, we delivered the requested software product on time and within budget! Time to celebrate, right?

Until... we realized that nobody was interested. Nobody was using it. Or at least not in the way we intended. There was even resistance. It didn't solve the right problem and didn't really help the end user move forward. The "requirements" were completely wrong, the vision wasn't aligned... they were all figments of our imagination.

Since that project (over 15 years ago), I have gained a wealth of knowledge. I never wanted to find myself in that situation again.

Over time, I have developed expertise in "full" Product Ownership, encompassing its broadest scope. Product Ownership is not solely about managing "user stories" within a development team (although that aspect is still crucial!). It is also about creating exceptional outcomes for end users.

My passion is sharing this knowledge with others. Today I train and educate fellow Product Owners, guiding them to avoid the same mistakes I made and instead tackle the right challenges right from the beginning.


Agile and Lean adept


T-shaped: specialised in software development, with a working knowledge of sales & marketing, budget & resource planning and business strategy


Strong product- and enduser- focus


15+ years of experience in software- and digital product development


Workshop- and Gamestorming facilitator


Trainer, public speaker, coach


+32 494 87 57 10

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