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Pieter Hens

I'm sorry,

this training is not yet available...

...actually, this page is testing an Hypothesis.

It goes like this:

I believe that beginning Product Owners need guidance with testing Hypothesis

To verify this, I will perform a feature stub test

With the following people: my website visitors

Which I will find through LinkedIn posts and campaigns

I will measure the number of conversions to this page

I am right if 25% converts to this page

I will run the experiment for 1 month

and take the following actions:
* When the hypothesis fails: Reevaluate the course content

* When the hypothesis succeeds: Create the course

When you CAN'T WAIT and REALLY want this course to happen, you can leave your email address here:

I will contact you first thing, when the course is available.

Join the course waiting list:

Thank you for subscribing!

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