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Struggling to Define Your Role as Product Owner?

Training | Coaching for 
Digital Product Owners


Drowning in a sea of feature requests with no clear direction?

The absence of a clear product strategy and roadmap makes prioritization difficult. What ARE you even building?


Is your hard work going unnoticed by users?

Delivering software only to discover that nobody is using it, or using it incorrectly? Yet another software project that ends up in the graveyard?


Having difficulty navigating User Stories and meeting your Product Owner obligations?

Feeling overwhelmed by your Product Owner duties? Uncertain about where to begin breaking down large projects into actionable tasks?

A dream team of developers with a battle-tested Agile process, but I got caught in the tug-of-war between business needs and software development.

In 2014 I had the perfect development setup, but it went awry.

The product ended up unused in the closet.

Users lacked enthusiasm, pushed back, and didn't find it solving their problems.

I struggled to oversee that long list of User Stories


I was struggling to prioritise features correctly.

The first challenge: no clear product strategy. Constant shifts, no one on the same path, hereby making feature prioritization nearly impossible. There was no focus.

No overview, no structure; we constructed whatever was needed at the time, lacking coherence. Even worse, I couldn't answer the "When will it be done?" question.

Never again!
I created a
framework to bypass these issues and help structure my work as Product Owner


I am Pieter, and I once Failed as Product owner

I created a Framework to Structure my Product Owner Tasks

It Worked, now I ...


Gain clarity on my current position and understand the next steps ahead.

Achieve mastery in Product Ownership tasks. Develop a deep understanding of your current position and the precise steps to take next. 


Master all User Story techniques and organise my work more effectively.

Comprehend when and where specific techniques should be employed, as well as how they interconnect with one another.


Create digital products that captivate customers and users.

Never again create something that ends up in the closet. Understand how to establish focus, identify the right projects, and craft phenomenal experiences.

Stuggle No More, I Can Help You, too


VIP Coaching Day

Elevate your Product Ownership skills with our exclusive VIP 1-on-1 coaching service. Dive deep into The Product Process, tailor-made to address your unique challenges and find effective solutions. During this personalized day, we'll not only focus on honing your expertise but also guide you in seamlessly implementing The Product Process into your daily work environment.

Is this for you?

If you think that doing more than just Backlog Management is ridiculous, this is not for you.

However, if you:


Feel overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks expected from a Product Owner and want to regain control.


Value a structured and methodical approach to doing your work.


Like to comprehend the complete product development cycle and get engaged at a much earlier stage (in stead of solely User Story Management).


Appreciate content firmly rooted in theory and refined through practical experience.

Then, this is for you.

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